Tuesday, August 10, 2010
On the other side of AFO I appear, after getting a collective 6 hours of sleep between the 3 days, I emerged from a 16+ hour coma fully rested and ready for fighting. Fists up, guard your face, warm up your nose,-you won't bleed as easy.

I'll be posting images that I did for the con, and a few of the commissions I did that I managed to obtain a picture of. :) I think I've done more drawing in the last week then I have collectively in one whole year of my life. At least since I was about 16? That's a sad statement to make. I'm going to try to commit to a drawing a day when I'm in school. Another thing I'll be posting. Foods/places I encounter mostly-daily, and sketches of the day. Yes. Commitment! I lack it.

I digress. AFO was a fantastic time. I'm glad that I stepped outside my comfort zone; it ended up being a very pleasant experience. If you're reading this and I saw you there, thank you for coming by and hopefully I said hello without looking like I was on 4 kinds of drugs.

You can also be looking forward to a guest comic from my besty, my Weasley, Roobs. A collaboration between the two of us. She'll be the writer, I'll execute the sketches and it'll probably only make sense to the two of us, but I'm hoping you'll at least get some joy out of the lunacy that is our friendship. That and it'll be a creative way for me to communicate with my Weasley outside of written letters. We need our outlets!

I leave you with this, which is a hint of what is to come: