Thursday, November 25, 2010
I'm home for the holidays. It wasn't planned, but it's all right. I was mentally prepped to fly solo for thanksgiving, Christmas, New years and my birthday and end up exploring Hong Kong on my own. But then I would've missed my friends drinking and eating too much and my sister before she leaves me for California.

I saw Tangled tonight, which is easily one of the best Disney movies I've seen in a while. Excluding Toy Story 3, of course. I predict an onslaught of fanart from myself. So, while I listen to the music from this week's Glee episode (mostly "Marry You"), and recall scenes from that spectacular movie, I'm gunning for inspiration. Good old sappy inspiration.

I've got little bit drawing and packing/cleaning to do in the next month, so I'll post the pictures from the last few weeks in HK probably this weekend. In between seeing Deathly Hallows again. Because oh shit was that good. Hands down the best book adaptation. My Weasley and my Butter were with me at the theater this evening (I missed going to the movies so much while I was in HK) and we were discussing Deathly Hallows. A prime topic of our short-lived conversation was the little Ron/Hermione moments they supplied us with. When Ron's staring at her at the wedding, Harry waking up and seeing them looking as if they fell asleep holding hands, while they're playing piano, how upset she is when he leaves and how angry she is at him when he comes back, the whole scene at Malfoy Manor...and everything in between. It's like they've had it stored up and were just like "HERE'S A R/HR EXPLOSION." Haha. Even if the locket destroying scene was a lot more intense then I envisioned. And Harry dancing with Hermione was really sweet, even though it could've come across shady. It was a really nice touch. Aside from the R/Hr moments, everything else was spot on. The animations accompanying the Tale of the Three Brothers blew my mind, I was mesmerized. Bathilda Bagshot was CREEPY AS HELL. Xenophilius was a loony, there were things just for those who've read the books, it was just. Good. Really good.
I'll be seeing it at least 2 more times. At least.

Cranberry malibu is making me sleepy...
I bid thee farewell for the time being. Please think fondly of others as you drift to sleep.
Monday, November 8, 2010
I'll never not love this man and everything he can do so effortlessly.

Andrew Bird's one-man orchestra of the imagination | Video on