Thursday, October 14, 2010
That's a lie. I miss you terribly. It's just Norah speaking. Probably not the best choice of music while I'm sitting alone, but it was Damien Rice up until that point, so I think it's a step in the right direction. This weekend is going to follow suit with the last few weekends I've had. An insane amount of homework, mostly my fault, or my knack for procrastination why I have so much due all on the same day.

I'll be hearing the washing machine for the next 4 hours, because that's how long it takes to do one load of laundry. Maybe I shouldn't change my underwear so many times in one day.

There's rumor of a plan to visit Ocean Park this evening for a Halloween outing. Ocean Park is I guess a pretty big deal here in Hong Kong as far as theme parks go. Roller coasters, lots of people, zoo attractions, it's pretty legit so I've heard. And apparently their Halloween shindig is a good time. However, considering that Halloween is still 2 weeks away, I'm opting out of this weekend outing, especially considering the amount of work I have to do.

At the end of the month I also get to register for classes for the next term. I'm really excited because I can finally take Color Theory. It's been a quiet appreciation of mine (am I quiet about the things I appreciate very often?). I love color and I want to know it intimately. Did I say that? Yes. Do you think color likes red wine? Holding hands? I have butterflies in my tummy.

Ever want something so badly, but you can't have it? Something that you've NO idea why it can't be yours, but it just can't. Like when your parents told you "because I said so" when you asked why you couldn't do something or eat some snack before dinner or watch some show and they had no real valid reason why you couldn't. Frustrating, right?

That's where I stand. Only in the metaphoric sense, because really, some things aren't things and not all things are meant to be owned. But I want it so badly.

I'm now 6 minutes past the time allotment I allowed myself to sit and do nothing before the onslaught of work began. I bid you farewell. More pictures next time.
Friday, October 8, 2010
I realize it has been a number of days since the last time I have said anything noteworthy, let alone typed anything here. The last month has been a gigantic smoothie blended into a mix of days, events, emotions, people, places, food. I'm really, really dizzy at the notion of recalling some of the things I've had to do since this time last month.

I'm in Hong Kong and I'm going to school for animation. Why? Because I wanted to be a Disney animator when I started drawing at 10 years old and I re-realize the love I have for drawing every time I watch a Disney movie, or more recently in my life, a Miyazaki/Ghibli film. However, being surrounded by a lot of people, a few years younger than I am and, what seems like, years ahead of me intellectually/electronically/self-consciously, I'm acutely aware of how much I've yet to learn. That, and all the time I spent doing nothing of merit in my absence from being schooled is kind of like a fuzzy dark spot in my peripheral. If that makes sense? But being here, I think, will make me feel less like someone meek and insignificant, and more like I've got something worth opening my mouth about. It's a work-in-progress.

My mom and sister were both with me for the first 10 days in my new surroundings, and it feels like weeks ago since they left. I think I've spent a total of one day holed up in my apartment doing homework. I've an awesome roommate who likes to stomp around and make noises like a pterodactyl. You know. The usual. The air conditioning in my room wasn't working, up until today! It does, however, smell like adhesive in my room. So I've got the window airing it out so I don't wake up headachey, asphyxiated and experiencing vertigo. Here's a small tour of the place!

The living area

the magazine collage my roommate and I started in place of the FANTASTIC art that came with the room. it really was just too fabulous to show you, you'll thank me later.

a view into the tiny kitchen

the tiny kitchen

my room

tiny bathroom

and my little "office"

Isn't it charming? It's..."efficient" is the word my roommate used to describe it, but I think that doesn't quite do it justice. Because it's actually very nice. Despite the washing machine/dryer that tends to do very little of...either of those things. Well, a lot of washing, but the dryer likes to do a lot of leaving your clothes dank. And nobody likes dank clothing. Unless you're a dank enthusiast. Which, neither I nor my roommate are so.

There's been so much that has happened, so many things I've seen and people I've met in the brief time I've been here. Seeing how this is my first time being able to sit down and type anything, I had to force myself to because I started this with the intent to keep people updated on life here in HK but have had not the time to do so.

I've got an obscene amount of homework to do all before tomorrow. It's sad I haven't gotten a chance to say much about anything and it's already midterms this week. But I'm going to change that. I've been slightly out of focus. I'm getting it back.