Thursday, January 13, 2011
It's been a week since I've been back in Hong Kong. And I think I've spent 70% of the last week holed inside my apartment. To start things off, I got in around 9pm Tuesday night and I had class at 9am the next morning. Which was delightful. That's the most accurate adjective I can use to describe the combination of jet lag and education.
Anyhow. After class I took the afternoon bus back to my apartment, and since it's cold outside, I had a cup of noodles and unpacked. Now, I've had this cup of noodles multiple times before. Like all other really crappy, cheap, and sodium riddled foods, it's an easy fix, especially for a student. I'll look to something else to keep me warm next time because I spent the next 3 days vomiting and shivering with a fever. I'm only going to assume it was a mild case of food poisoning. I just don't get sick. Unless it's the sniffles.

I've become very fond of the space heater that SCAD has provided. The apartments here don't have heat, and the weather is really similar to the weather in Florida. I say similar because I didn't think it was possible for anything shy of the rainforest to be more humid then Florida but believe me IT IS POSSIBLE. But the weather right now is lovely and chilly and overcast and rainy. Which also means the apartment is very chilly, and since I've thin Floridian blood, this space heater and my peacoat have been my life savers.

My new roommate is very nice. She brought 7-UP to my aid when I was ill, and even obliged my request to feel my forehead to see if I had a fever. I apologized. I know it's a weird request but how else can I tell without a thermometer?! Don't judge me. She probably did. And now she thinks I'm a big creeper.

After this weekend, I should be adjusted to my school schedule and I intend to go adventuring. I predict a lot of solo flights this quarter. I'm okay with that. So anticipate pictures. I'm going to attempt to keep myself to a weekly update on here. Fingers crossed. :)

Reasons why I'm glad I went home for the break:
+mom's cooking
+seeing my sister
+spending time with my mom
+my brother, Kenny
+Tangled ***
+my bed
+Harry Potter World
+Christmas, birthday & new years in good company

***There's no way to really explain how something makes you feel to someone. You can be a master wordsmith and decorate your sentences with flowery speech and labor over many syllabled synonyms but it's a moot point. What you feel will always be 2% mystery. One percent you, the other percent is me not being you. So me trying to find the right kind of words to attempt and illustrate the kind of unadulterated felicity certain things bring me is fruitless. I don't mind it, I like that it makes some things that much more personal to me. Like even if you know that I love it, it's still a secret. Like a drug. But I think it makes me sad that I can't physically share the happy. Sometimes it's overwhelming, and I can do nothing but smile and sigh. And I'd really like to give you a reason to smile.

I miss my baby sister.


Anonymous said...

I miss you too! <3